• February 15, 2014

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What We Do

Food for Thought is a health and education program aimed at children aged between six and twelve who live in the vulnerable community Monte Chingolo, Argentina.

We focus on four key pillars….

Health & Nutrition


Nutritious food and a balanced diet are fundamental to good health and are essential to learning, social behaviour and cognitive development. We provide healthy meals combined with education around food and healthy hygiene habits.



Education drives sustainable social change within communities. More often than not, we use the arts as the preferred medium. Interaction and enjoyment are the keys to unlocking children’s learning. We provide drama, art, music, yoga, healthy cooking, physical education, sustainable gardening, and recreation classes.

Social Inclusion


We work with children from many difficult backgrounds and circumstances. The children learn to respect themselves and support each other within this community context. We work closely with the families as to provide a holistic approach to the child’s integral development.

Environment and Sustainability


Teaching children about ecology, gardening, sustainability, and recycling, provides them with the tools to live more sustainable and healthy lives. We teach children to nurture and respect their local environment, which in return has a positive impact on their personal health.


To improve the health and wellbeing of vulnerable children through nutrition and creative educational activity.


To create, support and promote an environment where every child’s rights are respected, protected and fulfilled.

Why We Are Different

Our staff costs are covered by Social Opportunity Group – a social enterprise based in Oceania. With no administration costs, 100% of donations go towards food and education resources.

We aren’t some big faceless organization. Ben, Vale and the rest of the team work with the kids everyday, cooking meals and running classes. Follow along via our Instagram or Twitter feeds to see the tangible impact of your support.

We work directly with local communities, engaging everyone from age 5 to 75 to understand how we can best support them and build better opportunities for them in a sustainable and long-term way.

How You Can Help


Want to make a one off donation? Awesome! Every little bit counts. Your donation will be spent on….

7800 meals a year

We feed over 30 mouths a day using fresh, local ingredients that we cook ourselves. Any support is greatly appreciated. ...

0.0 4200 7,800

Help to Collect this...

x1 Basketball hoop

Our new building has an outdoor area where the children can play safely. We need $1,700 AUD to buy a hoop for them. ...

0.0 0 1

Help to Collect this...

P1020428 (1)
x20 Yoga Mats

Yoga is great physical and mental exercise for the kids, especially amidst their oft chaotic lives. We need $700 AUD to buy mats for this class. ...

0.0 4 20

Help to Collect this...

x6 Children’s Guitars

The kids absolutely love their guitar lessons, but we need $1000 AUD to buy enough guitars for everyone in the class to play. ...

0.0 1 6

Help to Collect this...


Over the years we have received volunteers from all over the world and they continue to play a crucial role in the running of Food For Thought. We are always looking for an extra pair of hands - whether it's to peal potatoes, teach a class or even help us with things like our web design and marketing. If you have a skill or passion that you think would help make F4T stronger - we'd love to hear from you!

email: volunteer@socialopportunitygroup.com

Our Story

A primary school teacher and an actress. Born on opposite sides of the world. Brave enough to follow the same dream.

Many years ago in Madrid, Ben from New Zealand met Vale from Argentina and despite neither really speaking the other’s language, their friendship grew quickly. They both had observed first hand the impact of imbalance between the rich and the poor. They both had seen how disadvantaged communities continuously suffer from a cycle of poor quality education, non-existent social opportunity and unsustainably bad health habits. They both felt like it was time to take action.

So, they did. Ben and Vale agreed that the profits from Ben's cafe in Melbourne would be diverted to a new social development program in Argentina: Food For Thought. On December 9th 2013, Food For Thought opened it's doors and from humble begins the project has grown into a flourishing nutrition and education program, supporting over 30 young kids everyday.