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Buenos Aires

Seeing as I’ve been up since 3am and can only look at the ceiling for so long, I thought I might as well write something. I am staying at my friend Daniel’s house before Valeria and I move into another friends house today. The apartment which we will be renting isn’t free for another two weeks.

We have also had a minor set back in regards to the venue for the project. The venue which we had secured is apparently in use every day during the lunch time period that we had planned for “Food for Thought”. We have a couple of options, a. we can move the project time to slightly later in the afternoon, or b. we can change venues. There are some things to consider for both of these options. If we change the project time we have to make sure that we don’t finish too late in the evening as personal safety wise, we don’t want to be in this slum at night time. If we change venue, then it means more time. MTD have a lot of venues so we won’t miss out.

We have written an email (this seems to be the best form of communication) to Natalia (our MTD contact) stating our wants and needs, and we await a reply. As written in a previous blog, we expect delays, so I can’t say I didn’t know this was coming. I suppose it is a good opportunity to take in the surroundings of the new city, recover from jet lag, and get stuck into Spanish lessons. I have my first oral lesson today.

On another note, I met some great people yesterday. One lady who wants to start a pottery project to give disadvantaged folk a job and some work skills. I love the sound of this as it is a sustainable project, giving people the skills to create their own future. I also met a practising dentist who has an interest in getting involved. Although I’m not getting to excited, the potential to involve locals in supporting the underprivileged is great! So, I’m picking up some great contacts along the way for when we are looking to increase our effectiveness.

Dale, me voy. Hasta pronto…