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Day 11

We are social and emotional beings. We learn through social interaction and emotional connection. Try learning something from someone that you don’t like. Think of a teacher that you liked when you were young. I bet you that was the person from whom you learned the most!

In a world filled with so much information, we can become very knowledgeable. But more information will never make us wise! We can only become wise when we learn how to socially and emotionally connect.

I want to support the growth of wise kids!

Here is my theory on how we create emotional responses. I believe that through breaking it down we can begin to understand how we function and find ways in making kids' emotional responses positive ones!

Through the interrelation between self-connection and social-connection, our emotional state is created. Via the process of interpreting the ‘connection’ with ourselves and others, we begin to understand our emotional world.

Self-connection - understanding our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We create our own personal story of our lives and depending on our experiences, we can create positivity or negativity within that story. We must understand where our feelings, thoughts, and actions come from. Finding the source can help us form a positive relationship with ourselves.

Social-connection - understanding others through social interactions. Positive social interactions are the key to the healthy development of our social selves. Prolonged negative social interactions have a devastating effect on overall development. A lot of learning happens in social situations, therefore positive social connections are paramount to healthy development.

Emotional - understanding the connection to ourselves and others. Interpreting and understanding the connection with one’s self and others translates into our emotional state. There is an interplay between how we feel about ourselves and how we feel about others that creates our emotional self. The combination of understanding where our feelings, thoughts, and actions come from, and the constructions of prolonged positive social connections, result in positive emotional outcomes.