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Day 27

In my Day 23 blog, I mentioned a young girl Kelly (not her real name) and the situation that she has been battling though with her abusive father (john). I talked to Kelly’s cousin Trish today. She is 21 years old and has a 2-month-old baby. Trish brought Kelly to the Food for Thought, so I met her at the gate. Trish is an absolute legend. She has completely taken charge of Kelly.

On Friday Trish and her mother laid charges against John. The police stated that there are 2 previous charges against him. One was by Trish’s mother, or John’s sister, a few years back, and the other was by the school. The charge by the school is news to us. Trish was told that she had to take the charge to social services.

This morning Trish went to social services to continue on with the process. They informed her that she now has temporary custardy of Kelly. I asked Trish about the threat from John who literally lives 1 meter away and she says that it is fine. Trish lives with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend. John went to the house on Thursday night yelling at the door but luckily nothing come of it. 

I am still amazed by Kelly and her resilience. She was in a good mood today. Soledad and I pulled her aside to have a little chat and ask how she was doing. She was smiling and playful. She told us that she was doing well. She showed us how the bruise on her leg from her father’s belt was healing and said that she was happy because now her father can’t come near her. Those words hit home for me. This is a 12-year-old girl. She has already had to deal with the fact that her mother never wants to see her again. Now she is hiding in the house next door so that her father won’t beat her. What did this child have to go through to get to the point where she has a smile on her face and is happy about her situation?