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History of a Nation.

I figured that to function within a country, I would have to know a little of it’s history. I did a small amount reading on the topic before I came. Now that I am here, I have realised that it was not enough! I am staying with a woman (a friend of Valeria’s) whose family is right, smack in the middle of this nations political history, and after some discussions last night, I am beginning to understand the depth of it.

The political history of Argentina is extremely complex and to try and get my head around it would take several years of reading! I don’t have the time to read for several years, so I might just have to be doing a bit of “learning on the job”.

I cannot even begin to describe some of the atrocities taken place that are deeply rooted within the history of this country! What I can say is that Argentina has a horrible past and the memories of this past still live within its people!

In saying that, I have met some of the nicest people! Not only friends of Valeria, but strangers on the street that we have asked for directions. The people I have encountered are extremely friendly and hospitable. The City of Buenos Aires is filled with life and passion! After seeing a local band play tango, this passionate vibrancy is truly evident! But we just have to be wary that Argentina has a past that we should be respectful of and when operating within its capital city, we should bear this in mind.