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One last big THANKS

Thank you to everybody who has contributed to the formation of SOG and assisting us in getting our first project off the ground.

Thanks you to The Final Step customers and community. Your are keeping the SOG cogs turning.

Thanks to all the suppliers who are offering reduced or free product that enables us to fund F4T. Biopak, Small Batch Roasters, Proud Mary Roasters, Jonesy’s, Mork, Somage Fine foods, Daylesford & Hepburn Mineral Springs Co. You all rock the party!

Thanks to TFS staff and volunteers. It is not the easiest job working in hospitality and keeping every customer happy. You guys are doing a fantastic job and TFS is what it is today because of you hard work.

Thanks to SOG members. There is a lot of work going in for not much recognition so a huge THANK YOU.

Thank you to the organisations who are supporting us here in Buenos Aires. Fundación SES for continuing to offer great volunteers to help out and MTD Lanus for providing the space and your resources. Muchos gracias!

Thanks for all the people who are following our journey and offering support.

Thanks to my family for understanding that I couldn’t make it back for Christmas this year!

Be good, and see you in 2014!