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Party time.

On the Saturday just been, we had a SOG party at our house in Buenos Aires. It was an opportunity for us to inform friends, family and the community of what we are up to. Valeria and I spoke a few words, there was a tonne of food to go around, and we also got taught a few Latin American lessons on the dance floor! A lot of people knew of the project but didn’t know the whole story or the link to the cafe in Melbourne. We received a great response and many people were interested in helping out in one way or another. I feel that with all this support we will be able to do some great workshops. We have artists, actors, doctors and dentists, so it will be great having specialists in to interact with the community. First with the children and then we’ll look into similar workshops aimed at different age groups.

Here are a few snaps from the party. Viva SOG!