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Social Enterprise

What is a social enterprise? There are many different types of social enterprise. I think the key factor is that a social enterprise has an aim of benefitting a social cause or creating positive social outcomes, rather than filling the pockets of external shareholders.

The Final Step cafe is in the process of becoming a social enterprise. Our goal is for the cafe to continue on being a profitable business. With the profit we will not be distributing to shareholders, but funding a social cause in a South American community. We see that through our projects in the “La Fe” slum, Buenos Aires we can create a sustainable social change.

I believe that to deliver this project effectively in a way that will have the biggest impact, we have to aim it at the community, with goals to support it in improving it’s own ability to function in a sustainable manor. With our aims to assist children through a healthy food and educational activity program we are A. giving children sustenance and education and B. starting to create relationships within this community to assist us in producing further community development programs.

So, there you have it. We are striving to create positive social outcomes through delivering a project in South America which is funded by the cafe. The Final Step will be an enterprise with the aim of benefitting a social cause.