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SOG Launch Event and Fundraiser

So it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks leading up to the SOG launch event. It is a big relief to have that over and done with but now have equally as much work to do leading up to my departure for Buenos Aires on 30th of September. The event couldn’t have gone better. I can’t thank the people involved enough. So many people involved and they all contributed to the event being a huge success. Leigh, an amazing customer, offered to event coordinate for us and totally smashed it! She did a fantastic job!

We had about 200 attendees packing out Top Paddock cafe (venue donated free of charge) in Richmond. Live music from Champagne Serenade (singing trio) which is the brainchild of my friend Yesse Spence, Tom Biffin (The Final Step employee) and friends, and also Missy Higgins. Champagne Serenade are three girls dressed in beautiful dresses singing in three part harmony. Perfect way to set up the night. Smoke on the water was my favourite tune from them, bluesy goodness. Missy sang a few songs, just herself and her guitar. “Everyone’s waiting” almost brought me to tears. My goodness that girl can sing. Later on Tom Biffin (guitar) and his university friends Steve (keyboard) and Joseph (percussion) changed the vibe by funking it up! Damn amazing musicians each of them. It shows how good these lads are as they hadn’t even had a practice together before the night!

We had a live auction section covered by SOG member Jason Williams and his CharityBid crew. CharityBid is an online “ebay style” auction site that raises money for not-for-profits. We had a lot of items donated to us so bidding was hot right throughout the night. We had a couple of raffles for champagne and bottles of wine. Through auctions, raffles and ticket sales we made over $15,000 which is phenomenal. That gives up the perfect amount of capital for us to set up the Food for Thought program. I also said a few words to give the background of where I had come from and where we (SOG) are going.

The cafe was filled with people having a good time. The vibe was cheerful and upbeat. Talking to as many of the people there as I could gave me an insight into the interest that we have created. Our task now is to keep all of them informed of the upcoming journey. I am currently working on the project wall for the cafe so that any customer can see what we are up to. This blog will also be a great update spot. We are considering having an annual event to raise funds but also as a information night. Watch this space.

So all in all a very humbling experience given the support and encouragement that we have received leading up to, and at the event. It also places us in an excellent financial position for the commencement of the project. The countdown is on. Eight more days and Melbourne is no longer my home and the little known environment of Buenos Aires is my new residence. Myself and Valeria have an apartment to move into as soon as I land. I have a skype date with her tonight to get updates on the venue, nutritionist and MTD (the organisation who have given us the venue). I no longer feel any apprehension, just excitement and keenness to get this Food for Thought boat-a-floating!

8 more sleeps….