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The kitchen

Last week team SOG Argentina (Vale, Ellie and I) along with 6 volunteers from a local organisation (Foundation SES), and a good number of locals who were hanging out at the venue, hit the kitchen. We removed all of the equipment and gave it a good old fashion spring cleaning. We swept it out, scrubbed it from head to toe, and gave it a fresh coat of paint. It is looking much better than before and it even feels a little cleaner! We aren’t too far away from being able to put in a fridge, set of cupboards and some work benches.

It was a great day of cleaning, painting, and hanging out with the locals. We began to build the relationships which are so important to the functioning of our organisation. The mums and dads of the children that we will be working with are the ones who will make the implementation of this project very easy, or very difficult, so to have a few of them in the venue helping us out and having a few laughs was unexpected and a real bonus. It was such a buzz to feel so welcome in this community.

We now have the keys to the venue which means two things. 1. We can get into the venue when ever we want and 2. We have the trust of Graciela (site manager). Graciela has been very helpful and has given us the freedom do what ever we wish with the kitchen. Having her on side means a lot, so I’m stoked she is being so helpful.