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The missing blog

It seems that the last blog that I wrote has mysteriously disappeared. Here are the photos that were on it.

From left, Valeria-SOG, Graciela-lady who looks after the venue, Natalia-MTD. We had a meeting with these girls to discuss logistics of reconditioning the kitchen and running the project from this space.

The kitchen needs a bit of work.

Here is where we will feed and engage the kids.

A few of the kids that we will work with.

This is the front of the venue.

On other news. We have successfully moved into our apartment. Ellie has been with us for 10 days. She is the newest member of SOG. She will be here helping out until February. Valeria, Ellie and I are living together. Ellie’s Spanish grammatical knowledge is great so she is helping out in many ways. We all had Dia de la Madre (Mother’s Day) with Valeria’s family in Quilmes, (yes that is where the beer Quilmes comes from). Tina is Valeria’s mum’s name. Tina is a typical Italian mum. She will make masses of food and keep filling your plate with it until you can’t fit any more in! We ate meat from the BBQ (asado) and loads of sweet stuff! Valeria’s family are so welcoming and friendly!

We are chugging along slowly. The expected delays are happening as we speak. One of the central members of the community is having some family issues and understandably the project is not a priority at the moment so we can’t get into the venue to measure up for the kitchen equipment. I guess these are the realities that we have to deal with. So we are spending our time sourcing the bits and pieces needed to equip the venue.

Will write again soon. Hasta pronto.