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Our story

A primary school teacher and an actress. Born on opposite sides of the world. Brave enough to follow the same dream.

Many years ago in Madrid, Ben from New Zealand met Vale from Argentina and despite neither really speaking the other’s language, their friendship grew quickly. They both had observed first hand the impact of imbalance between the rich and the poor. They both had seen how disadvantaged communities continuously suffer from a cycle of poor quality education, non-existent social opportunity and unsustainably bad health habits. They both felt like it was time to take action.

So, they did. Ben and Vale agreed that the profits from Ben’s cafe in Melbourne would be diverted to a new social development program in Argentina: Food For Thought. On December 9th 2013, Food For Thought opened it’s doors and from humble beginnings the project has grown into a flourishing nutrition and education program, supporting over 30 young kids everyday.